Article: “Appeals Court Affirms Dennis Conservation Commission’s Denial of Order of Conditions,” by Attorney A. Alexander Weisheit, Esq. in the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commission’s Conservation Quarterly

Attorney Alexander Weisheit has written a new article appearing in the Spring Edition of the MACC Conservation Quarterly. In this article, Attorney Weisheit discusses the affirmation by the Massachusetts Appeals Court of a ruling in favor of the Dennis Conservation Commission’s denial of an Order of Conditions made under the local wetlands bylaw. The Appeals Court upheld the determination that a new dock project would adversely impact the public’s interest in recreational boating, wildlife habitat, and shellfish habitat, protected by the Dennis Wetlands Protection Bylaw. The full article may be read here, reproduced with the permission of Conservation Quarterly.

This article can be found in the Spring 2017 edition of Conservation Quarterly, a MACC member magazine. (