Public Finance and Bond Counsel

Financing public infrastructure and other capital projects in a complex regulatory environment presents numerous challenges to municipal, district governments and public authorities. Our Public Finance team serves as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel, underwriter’s counsel, borrower’s counsel, and trustee’s counsel in connection with virtually every type of governmental issue, including general obligation, special obligation, lease revenue, tax anticipation, and revenue anticipation financings and refundings.

Our attorneys assist executive boards, committees and officials, as well as financial officers, in navigating these transactions and the complicated issues that are inherent in issuing municipal debt. KP Law provides public sector clients with seamless ‘one stop’ legal services in connection with public finance and borrowing. From development of appropriate Town Meeting warrant articles and City and Town Council loan orders, identifying applicable state and local law relative to provision of appropriate notice for such action and ensuring compliance therewith, to drafting and securing special legislation to facilitate borrowing for specific projects, and ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state securities and tax laws, the expertise at KP Law allows clients to successfully address the many legal, procedural, and practical challenges they face in this highly regulated and complex environment.