Marine & Aviation Defense

KP Law has an active practice in all aspects of civil litigation involving marine and aviation claims including extensive experience in all areas of litigation through trial and appellate stages in Federal and State courts. In addition, we have extensive experience in representing marine and aviation related clients in administrative proceedings, appearing before administrative officers and boards such as the U.S. Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety Board, the Panama Canal Commission and state marine pilotage license agencies and commissions in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine.

Our marine and aviation practice has involved:

  • representation of shipowners and licensed personnel in civil and administrative proceedings
  • vessel arrests
  • on scene response to oil spills and pollution claims
  • marine, air and longshore personal injury and death claims
  • air cargo claims
  • air passenger injury claims
  • property damage claims
  • dock/bridge collisions
  • ship collisions
  • aviation injury and death cases
  • claims involving repair yards and marine construction companies
  • airports and air shows
  • aviation technical schools
  • claims involving air terminals, air carriers and aviation repair facilities