Tax Title

KP Law is the Commonwealth’s most experienced public sector law firm, providing clients with tax title services for over 40 years.  We assist communities with the aggressive pursuit of tax title matters, including initial demand letters, Land Court foreclosures, and reuse of tax title parcels.  While our success rate varies from town to town, we typically find that 75% of our demand letters result in successful collection without incurring the expense of foreclosure.

Highlights of our tax title practice include the following:

  • Professional Staff: The practice is headed by senior litigators with a team of several attorneys, trained paralegals, and other staff specializing in real estate, tax title takings, foreclosure proceedings, and related due diligence activities.
  • Full Range of Services: We are able to assist you in every step of the process, from the initial demand letters, takings, foreclosure petitions, and judgments through the auction and sale of tax possession parcels.  Our tax title team has the demonstrated expertise to resolve title problems by identifying parties who hold interests in the real estate.  We have developed a sophisticated Tax Title case management system that includes quarterly status reports of cases pending in Land Court.
  • Proven Results: Our clients have returned properties to their tax rolls, recovered revenues, and disposed of or reused tax title parcels.

Advantages of utilizing KP Law for tax title services stem from our dedication to the practice of municipal law.  We are keenly aware of the cost constraints and public scrutiny that public entities endure and therefore charge a highly competitive rate for our services.  We aggressively pursue recovery of legal fees to offset costs, emphasizing recovery of legal fees and costs if the owner or any other party in interest redeems the property after the filing of a petition to foreclose. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and responsive to individual needs.  Our team can perform all related tax title services or select tasks, and we feel that we can provide your community with effective assistance in resolving delinquent accounts either through negotiation or foreclosure in the Land Court.

Because KP Law is a full-service law firm, we can also assist you with the disposition your tax possession properties.  Our services in this area include reviewing your portfolio of tax possession properties and providing advice and assistance on auctions, or dedicating properties to other community purposes.

In summary, KP Law offers a dedicated group of professionals with a proven record of success.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest degree of professionalism and client satisfaction and have the depth of organization and resources to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.  We welcome the opportunity to work for you.